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My name is Mariana and I have been vegan for over 7 years. I write this newsletter every week to give people meal ideas and show that it’s actually not that hard to eat good food while being vegan! Being Mexican, I understand how meat has been a part of many of our cultures for the longest time, but it no longer needs to be. No matter what your cultural background is, you can now enjoy all of your favorite foods growing up, but completely vegan!

That's why I started this series “What We Eat In A Week”. We explain what we eat every single day in each episode. My fiancé Fahim also went vegan last year and prior to that he was vegetarian for 6 years. He’s Bangladeshi and we like to veganize food he grew up eating too! A lot of which is already vegan friendly too.

I hope you get some inspiration from our newsletter and discover new ways to enjoy vegan food! If you enjoyed this newsletter or one of our meals please Tweet me @marianavtp and share your thoughts with me! Don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox!