What We Eat In A Week - Episode 005

Highlights include vegan homemade sopa de albóndigas, red enchiladas, Vietnamese takeout, chile relleno burritos, papas con chorizo & more!

Thursday, January 14th

Breakfast - Robeks Nutty Acai Bowl

To veganize this bowl ask for no bee pollen & no honey. We add agave & soy protein to our bowls along with extra fruit toppings of strawberries & blueberries.

Lunch - Vegan Burgers + Side of Fries

First I seasoned the frozen fires & then baked them as instructed. For the patty I used Gardein’s frozen Ultimate Plant-Based Burger. I seasoned the patty & drizzled lemon juice on it, then topped it with Vevan Foods Pepper jack slices, lowered the heat & covered the pan to let that melt. Afterwards I sauteed some fresh jalapenos & red onion. Then I toasted the burger bun (we use sesame buns from Costco that are vegan friendly).

Lastly I assembled the burger. I used Best Foods vegan mayo as the spread then stacked everything together other toppings included spring mix, pickles & avocado! This was our favorite burger I’ve made, highly recommend this patty & sauteing some jalapenos & onions for burgers!

Dinner - Trader Joe’s Vegetable Panang Curry with Jasmine Rice

When dinner time rolled around we weren’t very hungry & opted for a frozen meal. Like I’ve said before this is one of our favs from Trader Joe’s!

Friday, January 15th

Breakfast - Leftover Tiramisu Pancakes

For breakfast I heated up some leftover tiramisu pancakes from a couple days ago. For more details on how to make them checkout Episode 004!

Lunch - Vegan Vietnamese Food

We decided to get some takeout from this Vietnamese restaurant in Temecula, CA called Delish Vietnamese & Vegetarian Cuisine we’ve been wanting to try! We ordered their Avocado “Cream Cheese” Won-tons, Monks Lemongrass Vermicelli & Orange “Chicken”. Everything was so delicious & flavorful we cant wait to go again! Another plus were the portions one dish fed the both of us!

Dinner - Leftover Vegan Vietnamese Food

Like I said the portions were big we saved the Monks lemongrass vermicelli to have for our dinner! We can’t get enough of this place the food was so amazing!

Snack - Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie Non-Dairy Ice Cream + Kombucha

We went to the store to pick up some kombucha & ended up finding this Ben & Jerry’s vegan flavor I had been on the lookout for ever since my friend @plantbasedma on Twitter posted about it! This Ben & Jerry’s flavor is absolutely our new favorite!

Saturday, January 16th

Breakfast - Dunkin’ Donuts Beyond Breakfast Sandwich

I had an appointment this morning that got moved up even earlier so we had to grab a quick Dunkin’ breakfast. To make their beyond breakfast sandwich vegan ask for no egg & no cheese. We get sides of hash browns & stack them into the sandwich along with hot sauce.

Lunch - Vegan Chile Relleno Burritos

We got takeout from Vegan By El Zamorano in Costa Mesa, we were close by & this all-vegan Mexican Restaurant is our favorite! We ordered two Chile Relleno burritos & a large Horchata!

Dinner - Salad

I made salad for dinner since we were still pretty full from lunch. I added spring mix into a bowl & made my own dressing using balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper. Then I added half of an avocado & cucumber, vegan chick’n strips from Aldis & kalamata olives. This is my favorite go to salad!

Sunday, January 17th

Breakfast - Papas Con Chorizo De Soya

I was craving papas con chorizo ever since I saw my friend Ope @AlabasterOpe & @VeganMcVegan on Twitter & IG post her amazing breakfast tacos!! Go follow her accounts she makes incredible vegan food!

First thing I did was thinly slice up the potatoes. Then I heated up about a tablespoon of oil in a pan. Once the oil heated up I added the potatoes, seasoned + mixed them & covered the pan to let them cook a bit. Then I added Cacique Soy Chorizo to the potatoes until well combined. Leave them on a medium low heat until everything is cooked through. I plated our papas con chorizo with a side of avocado, homemade salsa & flour tortillas!

Lunch - Thai Food

My mom was craving Thai food so my family ordered takeout & invited us. We ordered Tom Kha Tofu & Spicy Red Rice with fried tofu! This is from our favorite Thai place called S Thai Food Restaurant in Temecula, CA!

Dinner - Leftover Thai Food

We ate leftover spicy red rice for dinner!

Monday, January 18th

Breakfast - Robeks Nutty Acai Bowl

Our stomachs weren’t happy with us this morning so we wanted to have something to help & opted for our go to bowls. To veganize this bowl ask for no bee pollen & no honey. We add agave & soy protein to our bowls along with extra fruit toppings of strawberries & blueberries.

Lunch - Salad

We wanted to eat lighter this day so I made us salad for lunch. I added spring mix into a bowl & again made my own dressing using balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper. For this salad I added half of a cucumber & tomato, Simple Truth Meatless Crispy Tenders from Ralphs & kalamata olives!

Dinner - Vegan Sopa De Albóndigas

For dinner I made sopa de albóndigas. I veganize my mamás recipe. For the meatballs I use Pure Farmlands Plant-Based meatballs or grounds. As far as the actual detailed recipe goes I’m still working on writing all the measurements & instructions down so I can share this recipe along with others! :) This is one of my favorite recipes to cook it’s delicious & growing up my mom would always have me help her make this dish.

Tuesday, January 19th

Breakfast - Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

For breakfast I baked these accidentally vegan pumpkin cinnamon rolls we found at Aldis! I sprinkled extra cinnamon on top of them. We had these along with our morning cups of coffee/tea! These were okay but a bit too sweet for us. We still prefer the Trader Joe’s cinnamon rolls which if you didn’t know the original & pumpkin version are both vegan friendly!

Lunch - Leftover Albóndigas

I heated up leftover albóndigas for lunch!

Snack - Valsoia Dairy Free Vanilla Chocolate & Chips Gelato

This gelato is amazing! We found it at Grocery Outlet & I wish we had gotten more tubs. Highly recommend trying this out if you see it! We give it a 10/10.

Dinner - Red Enchiladas + Side of Spanish Rice

I made Red Enchiladas for dinner. First I cooked my moms recipe for Spanish rice. I was so happy with how the rice turned out with our new pan because I was finally able to cook it exactly like my mom!

For the enchiladas I used corn tortillas & a few flour tortillas. For the filling I used Plant Ranch Foods Vegan Carne Asada & Vevan Foods pepper jack shreds! For the sauce I used El Pato Red Enchilada Sauce. This dinner was amazing & we’re happy there will be leftovers for a couple days!

Wednesday, January 20th

Breakfast - Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries

Lunch - Leftover Red Enchiladas

For lunch I heated up leftover Red Enchiladas + Spanish rice!

Dinner - Maggi Masala Noodles

I had been craving these noodles & we recently picked them up from the Indian Market so we decided to have them for dinner. Fahim cooked them & made them soupy! Usually we add green chili to them but we were trying to go easy on our stomachs so we just mixed in some hot sauce instead :)

Thank you for reading, that’s all for this week! Don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent to your inbox every Thursday! See you next week, take care! :)

-Mariana & Fahim