What We Eat In A Week - Episode 003

Highlights include vegan fried chick'n in SoCal, "Frappuccino" drinks that taste like Butterfingers, frozen mozzarella sticks, and a new Taco Bell loophole!

Thursday, December 31st

Breakfast - Veggie Soup

For breakfast we had leftover veggie soup. We wanted a nutritious breakfast since we were getting fried chik’n later in the day.

Lunch - The Original Herbivore’s Fried Chick’n Bucket + Leftover Buttermilk Biscuits

We drove an hour & a half to get vegan fried chick’n & it didn’t disappoint. This was our second time eating at Original Herbivore, which is all vegan. We ordered their NYE special which was an XXL fried chick’n bucket along with their buffalo, mango habanero & ranch sauces. I also brought the leftover buttermilk biscuits I had made a few days before with us.

We highly recommend trying them out! My brothers even approved! Everything is amazing but our favorite is definitely their buffalo chick’n sandwhich! Next time we want to order their bucket with the buffalo style fried chick’n.

Snack/ Beverage - Rad Coffee

As a pit stop on our drive back home we stopped by Rad Coffee in Upland, CA. Which is the coolest coffee shop ever! What makes it even better is that you can veganize just about everything on their menu.

We asked them to make our drinks vegan & ordered the following: Peanut Butter Chiller & The Bride. The PBC was topped with Reese’s Cereal and reminded us of Butterfingers. The Bride was like drinking a thin mint cookie, both will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Dinner - Trader Joe’s Vegan Tikka Masala with Cumin Rice

For dinner we had a TJ’s frozen meal. This is also one of our favorite go-to meals.

Friday, January 1st

Breakfast - Cheezy Avocado Toast topped with Just Egg scramble

For details on how to make it read Episode 002!

Lunch & Dinner - Samosa platter, garlic naan, Aloo Chaat (w/o yogurt), Vegetable korma (coconut milk instead of cream), Tofu Mattar Makhani

We had been craving Indian food for so we had ourselves a New Years Feast. We asked our local Indian restaurant to make everything vegan for us! We ordered a samosa platter, 3 orders of garlic naan Aloo Chaat (w/o yogurt), Vegetable korma (coconut milk instead of cream) & Tofu Mattar Makhani. The restaurant is called Indian Masala Craft, Temecula, CA. Everything was delicious we highly recommend!

Saturday, January 2nd

Breakfast - Nutty Acai Bowls from Robek’s Juice

We were craving some nutrition after our all out feast the day prior. This is our go to order from Robek’s — to veganize it omit the bee pollen & honey. We add agave & soy protein to our bowls. I add extra fruit toppings of strawberries & blueberries to my bowl & Fahim adds strawberries & mango to his.

Lunch - Veggie Soup + side of Garlic Naan & chips

For lunch we had the last of the leftover veggie soup I made. We also ate the last garlic naan from the day before along with some chips.

Dinner - Taco Bell Crunchwrap + Nacho Fries

We went to back to Taco Bell after months mainly because Pollo Loco was closed but ended up not regretting our decision. We ordered (2) crunchwraps & asked for beans instead of beef, no cheese or sour cream. Added jalapeños + their fries thanks to @withcarrington on Twitter for the idea :) Here’s the link to checkout their awesome website!

Carrington came up with this loophole & I’m so happy they shared! Along with the crunch wraps we also ordered a side of fries (not pictured) & asked for guacamole instead of the cheese dipping sauce! Thanks to @tyrathetaurus on twitter for this idea! Here’s the link to her site too!

Lastly we ordered a Baja Blast Freeze which is a must of course.

Sunday, January 3rd

Breakfast - Cinnamon Rolls

For breakfast I baked up some accidentally vegan cinnamon rolls we found at Grocery Outlet! The brand was called Bakers Harvest.

Lunch - Tacos de flor de calabaza (zucchini flower tacos)

There’s this place by my dads work that’s our favorite they make zucchini flower tacos with handmade tortillas. They hit the spot every time & their salsa is amazing! We add lettuce, avocado & their salsa to them!

Dinner - Leftover Samosas & Zucchini Flower Tacos

We had three leftover samosas each & split the taco that was leftover for dinner.

Monday, January 4th

Breakfast - Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal

Lunch - Joe & The Juice’s Vegan Red Supreme Shake

We were in San Diego for our kitten’s vet appointment so we grabbed some lunch to go. This place is amazing for their juice but also their Vegan Shakes!

Snack - Hummus & Veggies

When we got home I cut up a cucumber, carrots & a bell pepper with some hummus to have as a snack.

Dinner - Fortune Udon Mushroom Flavor + Side of Spring Rolls

We get individual packs of udon noodles from Grocery Outlet. I added sesame chili oil & green onions to the broth, and for toppings: crispy jalapeños, red pepper flakes & roasted seaweed on mine. We also had a side of air fried spring rolls + ginger soy sauce.

Dessert - So Delicious Coconut Macaroon Ice Cream in a cone w/ sprinkles

Tuesday, January 5th

Breakfast - Papaya drizzled with lemon juice

These days we’ve been enjoying having fruit for breakfast!

Lunch - Rice topped with Just Egg Scramble

I cooked up some rice in our rice cooker. Once it was done I cooked the Just Egg Scramble & added some green onions. I topped the rice with the scramble & lastly drizzled sesame chili oil & soy sauce on top. Topped with some chili flakes & a side of avocado. This has become one of our favorite meals, its simple & delicious.

Dinner - El Pollo Loco’s Chicken-less Burritos

We were out when we got hungry so we got Pollo Loco for dinner. To veganize it ask for no dressing and no cheese! We like to add rice to our burritos too. This is a great option when you’re out or don’t feel like cooking. (mine doesn’t have beans because I cant have them often… IBS problems)

Snack - Aldi’s Vegan Mozzarella Sticks & SkinnyPop microwaveable popcorn

Earlier in the week I had seen @naturaluniquexo on Twitter post about Aldi’s having vegan mozzarella sticks — so a huge thank you to Erin for this info! We went to our local Aldi’s to find them & got a bunch of other goodies while we were at it! They were good we recommend trying them out if you can! Just don’t air fry them, trust me.

Wednesday, January 6th

Breakfast - Honeydew Melon

Fruit for breakfast is truly the best.

Lunch - Impossible Taco Salads from Rubios Coastal Grill

Rubios has Impossible Foods now in CA, AZ, and NV! We ordered their taco salad which you can veganize by omitting the ranch dressing. For the burritos + California bowl omit the chipotle white sauce to make it vegan. This is a delicious new vegan option!

Dinner - Gardein Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n + Rice

For dinner we made Gardein’s Mandarin Chick’n + red pepper flakes. I heated up some rice, sauteed some kale with lemon juice + salt & pepper. We had avocado as another side too. This is one of our favorite dinners its easy & tasty!

That’s it for this week, thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this newsletter or one of our meals please Tweet me @marianavtp and share what you thought of it! See you next Thursday :)

-Mariana & Fahim